Sarah Gold, an art historian who transitioned into creating art and became an independent curator for ten years before focusing solely on her artistic endeavours.
Throughout her career, she organized various symposia and exhibitions, collaborating with prominent artists such as Yoko Ono and Lawrence Weiner. During a decade of her life, she documented intimate moments, challenging hypocrisy through her art by depicting her real life and aspects that are not commonly seen in public.

Her work is a reflection of her personal life and experiences, including sexual interactions with others, the use of toys, and other objects that intrigue her.
These elements are combined with text or assembled into assemblages, aiming to reflect and comment on her life.
The ultimate goal is to create positive acceptance of issues that are typically kept hidden from the public eye, promoting freedom, reducing shame, and broadening horizons.

As an artist and art historian, Sarah Gold is committed to using her creative expression to push societal boundaries and advocate for greater understanding and acceptance of diverse experiences. Her art may serve as a platform for challenging norms and encouraging open conversations about topics that are often stigmatized or overlooked.


Sarah Gold
Born in the Netherlands (1978)
Art History, Heidelberg University, Germany (1996-1997)
Dutch Studies/Art History (MA), Leiden University, Netherlands (1998-2004)
Assistant Curator, Caldic Collection, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2004-2005)
Independent curator and author, organized symposia and exhibitions in a.o. Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo as well as part of the Venice Biennale.
Published books and created Art Projects, in cooperation with a.o. Yoko Ono, Lawrence Weiner, Hermann Nitsch, Ben Vaultier and Arnulf Rainer.
Founding member of the European Cultural Centre 
Concentrating solely on creating art (2015-today)

Art Projects (published as special editions)
Nobuyoshi Araki: Monstrous Paradise (2018)
Heinz Mack & Otto Piene: Countdown to Zero (2015)
Yoko Ono: Arising (2014)  
herman de vries: being this joy experience unity (2014)
Ben Vautier: Introspection Truth Art & Sex (2013)
Lee Ufan: Encounters (2012)
Arnulf Rainer: Unfinished into Death (2011)
On Kawara: Unanswered Questions (2011) 
Roman Opalka: Time Passing (2011)
Hermann Nitsch: Under my Skin (2010)
Lawrence Weiner: Skimming the Water [Menage a Quatre] (2010)

Exhibitions & Symposia

PERSONAL STRUCTURES - Reflections, European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy (2022)
PERSONAL STRUCTURES - Identities, European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy (2019)
PERSONAL STRUCTURES - Open Borders, European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy (2017)
Exhibition "Personal Structures - Crossing Borders", European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy (2015)
Exhibition "Times-Space-Existence", 14th Architecture Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy (2014)
Exhibition "Personal Structures", 55. Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy (2013)
Exhibition "Traces of Centuries & Future Steps", 13th Architecture Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy (2012)
Exhibition "Personal Structures", 54. Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy (2011)
Exhibition "Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence", Kuenstlerhaus Bregenz, Austria (2010)
Exhibition "Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence", Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria (2010)
Symposium "Personal Structures Space", New Museum, New York (2009)
Symposium "Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence", Biennale di Venezia, Italy (2009)
Symposium "Personal Structures Existence", Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan (2008)
Exhibition "Crossing Borders", bkhfgallery, Miami, Florida, USA (2008)
Symposium "Personal Structures Time", Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (2007)
Exhibition "Time", Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2007)
Exhibition "Personal Structures ", Feichtner Gallery, Vienna, Austria (2006)
Exhibition "Personal Structures USA 2006 ", Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton, Florida, USA (2006)
Exhibition "Personal Structures", Galerie Engl, Innsbruck-Hall, Austria (2006)
Exhibition "Personal Structures", Galerie Lausberg, Dusseldorf, Germany (2006)
Symposium "Personal Structures", Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany (2005)
Exhibition "Personal Structures", Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany (2005)
Exhibition "Personal Structures", Vadnai Galeria, Budapest, Hungary (2005)
Exhibition "Personal Structures", City Gallery White-Cube, Osaka, Japan (2005)
Exhibition "Personal Structures", K+K, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2005)