Why is sexuality such a taboo?
Without sex you would not be reading this....

My work challenges hypocrisy by depicting my real life, my way of living, with elements which are not often seen in public. If it is my life, me, having sexual interaction with other women or men, my toys, or just objects which intrigue me; upon the images of my encounters I write text or they get dissected and reassembled into assemblages. 
I try to reflect and to comment on my life, in the hope to be able to create some positive acceptance to issues which are normally not easy shown in public. To give freedom - to show that it is ok, that you do not have to feel ashamed; to broaden horizons.

Life is about living - about passion - about sex - about sharing emotions and ideas. 

That is what I am expressing in my work - a raw and honest reflection of me and my surroundings. After having worked for more than a decade as an independent curator with the project Personal Structures, the list of intriguing, challenging and interesting encounters had grown substantially. Especially creating art-projects together with artists such as Lawrence Weiner, Hermann Nitsch, Roman Opalka, Arnulf Rainer and Yoko Ono triggered my desire for a new direction in life. 
Loving the world of art, I was looking for something different within, for a new challenge, for something more. I found it by documenting my life. To document what moves me. 
I capture moments of intimacy and passion, and combine them with my thoughts, written or printed by hand directly on the photographs taken of me and my friends. 

How you can or should interpret my work? There is no right or wrong. Hopefully it will stimulate you in order to explore your own life and to not be afraid of bold moves, honesty, openness and transparency.  As long as you do not do harm you can only win and grow from your experiences. 

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